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Decorative lighting company have been importing solar powered lighting products for over 10 years. We have several solar kits to choose from all are powered from the same solar panel. Our system features a glass solar panel applied to modern solar engineering to deliver you a long lasting, environmentally friendly lighting product.

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Decorative Lighting Company solar fairy lights use a highly efficient poly crystalline panel that can last all night until the morning if it gets enough UV energy throughout the day. Our solar panels come with a day light sensor, meaning, that once it becomes night-time and the solar panel does not detect UV rays, it will turn on automatically.

Our solar panels come with two inputs for plugging the following products into:
  • Solar fairy lighting strings – available in warm white or pure white
  • Solar festoon lighting sections – with the option of a clear or frosted cap both warm white bulbs
  • Solar spot lights – comes in warm white or pure white


Solar Fairy Lights are an excellent décor option where mains power is unavailable. There is 2 metres of lead in cable that goes between your solar panel and the first LED on your fairy light strings. If you need more distance between your solar panel and fairy lighting, we also supply 5 metre solar extensions. Our solar light strings come in 10 or 20 metre lengths in warm white and pure white so you can have up to 40 metres of fairy lighting from a single solar panel. We are happy with the quality of our solar fairy lighting kit and have been importing quality solar lighting units for over a decade.


Solar festoon lights are great to bring ambient lighting to an outdoor setting when power isn’t available. Powered by the sun, our festoon sections come in 10 metre lengths with a warm white coloured bulb, you can get these in a transparent bulb or a frosted cap. With our solar festoon kits you receive two of the 10 metre lengths so you can run up to 20 metres from one solar panel.


Decolight Solar spotlights are multi-use and look great in any outdoor setting. The direction the lamp faces can be adjusted on the spotlight, so you can have it as an up light, a down light or have it illuminating an object. These spotlights come in warm white and cool white and feature a 2 metre cable between the spotlight itself and the solar panel.

This solar spotlight is just like a regular flood light, but it is powered by the sun, the span of lighting is around 2-4 metres and works best if there is no other ambient light source around.

Lighting up your world

  • We can ship same day Australia Wide
  • 12-Month Warranty on all products supplied
  • Bank secure grade payments online, or call the team directly

We offer a 12 Month Guarantee

We back all our lighting products with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase, terms and conditions may apply.

Durable lighting systems

Our cabling and lighting systems feature UV resistance properties for permanent outdoor use.

Certified Tested Systems

Our lights are certified and compliant to AS/NZ 60598.2

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Solar Fairy Lighting - FAQS

Please find below commonly asked questions, if we have not answered your question please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For best output for solar panels the panel needs to be north facing to receive full sun for 5 to 7 hours a day

The panel needs to be in full sun for 5 to 7 hours, any shading on the panel from plants or buildings will impair the performance of the panel
No you must use the correct energy storage sized battery or the performance of the panel will be impaired. Please note the aHm size of the battery you have in the panel.
Yes it pays to wipe the panel clean as often as u are able, the frontal panel is glass so water on cloth is the best.

A simple test to see if the batteries have expired is to place regular batteries in the panel and cover the panel so the lights will come on.

If the lights come on then replace the batteries, disconnect the panel from the lights and charge in full sun for 48 hours before connecting to the lights again.

Up to 500 charges ( approximately 15 months)
All items have a 12 month conditional warranty. All warranty claims must have the product returned to our warehouse for inspection
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