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RGBW Colour changeable fairy light set – Large


The latest in 24 Volt fairy lighting technology
This unique fairy light system features the most modern and current lighting technology available on the market in 2021. Features include:
• Every LED on a light string can change between solid colour or
pre-set functions
• Function/Colour selection via compatible colour controller & remote
• Increased IP weatherproofing rating (IP65)
• Robust rubber cable construction (natural UV resilient)

1 X 60 watt power supply
14 X 3 metre RGBW fairy light sections
1 X RGBW fairy light colour controller
1 X 24 Volt 2-way splitter
1 X 24 Volt 3 metre extension


24 Volt 3 metre RGBW fairy light strings specification:
Description: 35 colour changing LED’s with 75mm spacing on 3 metre cable with end to end connectors
Material : Rubber cable inner core copper strands
Cable colour : Black or White (limited selection)
IP Rating : IP65
Power Source : Requires 24 Volt driver, this kit includes a 60 watt driver
Voltage:  24 Volt DC input with 2.8 watt output per light string
Configuration: 35 diodes x 75mm spacing
Certified : CE,ROHS,SAA
Uses: inside and outside use

How does the RGBW set work? 

3 metre LED light strings that plug end-to-end to create longer lengths: the light system and transformers are manufactured for permanent outdoor use. This system can be left on, or controlled via remote and set on a preferred setting, our colour controllers hold memory on the most recent setting it was held on when power is turned on and off.

The light strings require a colour controller to operate this colour controller plugs into a 24volt transformer to power the LED. We stock 24-volt transformers suitable for any light project, if you wish to exceed this kit (14 X 3 metre light strings) please get in touch with us and we can assist you with the correct equipment for your project success.

Using the systems unique end2end connection and handling one small piece at a time when installing the lights strings allows creativity and flexibility of application; complementing the system is several different accessories such as multi-plug lighting belts, splitters and extension lead.

This system is new and we are happy to offer assistance over the phone to explain the fundamentals of this lighting system.

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