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Single Colour White Flood lights (3000K & 6000K)


White lights for your garden and landscape lighting needs!

Simple end-to-end daisy chain connection
Various sizing options for small or large arrangements
Energy efficient 24 volt lighting
High quality flood lights for outdoor use



White Flood lights 

These are the flood lights in our white range. In lighting there is a white spectrum from copper warm whites (less then 2200K) and cool whites (4000K and higher) we sell warm white 3000K and pure white 6000K flood lights. This system is 2pin, so items in our store referring to 2 pin are compatible with this system.

These light fixture are dimmable.

Garden Lights

Decorative Lighting Company offers a dynamic solution on garden lighting for your landscape. Lighting fixtures are built to a high quality and come in either powder coated or stainless finish for fulltime outdoor use. In addition, Decorative Lighting Company’s garden lights feature our signature ‘simple screw together’ connectability which allows for quick daisy chains of multiple units and stunning results whoever is installing them.

This flood light is specifically used for our 2pin flood light system.

If you are not familiar with our lighting system, feel free to give us an email or phone call and we can assist you with the best parts for your arrangement.

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