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Galaxy Projector + Speaker


Interstellar galaxy projector
+ Inbuilt Bluetooth speaker

  • Have a night under the stars from the comfort of your own home
  • Endless configurations
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Easy Remote Control and module control 

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Have a night under the stars from the comfort of your own home

This projector combines LED projections of light with laser lights simultaneously to transform any space into out of space. Customise your galaxy with 3 colour options that can overlap, as well as adjustable laser functions. The LED and laser light effects includes speed adjustments, and you can choose to turn off the lasers or the LED projections to suit your setting. 

Endless configurations

Control the brightness of your LED projections with an auto off function so you can set up your projector and it will shut off automatically in 1-4 hours. The Speed setting has 3 levels which can suit sleepy environments, dinner dates at home or even high vibe party setting – try the Voice feature and have your projector dance with your music.

Bluetooth Speaker

This projector has a built in Bluetooth speaker – connect to your smart phone and play your music, or listen to an audiobook under the stars, have a bed time story playing with the speaker while the kids are captivated by the calming colours.

Easy Remote Control and module control 

Simple to use remote. Control your projector from a distance so you can set it up in the perfect spot. The Projector also includes 2 preset modes on the projector itself so you can also control your projector without the remote. As a note the controller requires 2 X AAA batteries.


  • Customize your projector with 21 lighting combinations: It comes with 3 powerful RGB – Red, Green, and Blue or mixed light effects which create up to 21 breathtaking lighting modes with a northern lights display.
  • Includes a Bluetooth speaker: This speaker can crank up the volume, connect it to your Android / Apple / Smartphone and play your favourite music artists. You can even have the projector move with the music!!
  • Point and click remote controller: Control your projector from a distance using the remote control, there is also the option to control the device from the projector itself with a couple of preset mode options. The remote control allows you to select a sleep timer setting, choosing your favorite Aurora or light effects their are various styles to choose, turn on stars only or mix them up with 21 unique aurora borealis effects, fade the lights in/out or stars in/out, or keep them steady bright all the time or even choose a single color of your choice or mix them up as per your taste. You can even keep Aurora effects steady or rotate them, increase/decrease/steady moving speed, you can dim them, or make them brightest. 
  • Put yourself to sleep under the galaxy effects!: This project It has Built-in one hour, two hours, three hour, four hour to automatically shut off – perfect for kids that might need a bit of help resting under a calming light. This allows you to set the timer so your projector can automatically shut off after the preset time. Or let it stay on all night to help you or your child to sleep better and feel safe during the night, & don’t forget you can also play lullabies or soothing music with this too.
  • Musical party mode: Don’t forget to try the “voice” features. Bring the party to home and have your lighting display rock out to your favorite music artists. Just turn ON the voice mode activated and get into party mode ON.
  • Durable housing and angled lighting projector You can easily install this projector in any corner of your room or space for clean, easy installation. Unlike others UFO style projectors which requires you to put them in the middle of the room for a full effects, power cords can be a major trip hazard, this design avoids that.

Please note: This Product is designed for indoor use only – Keep clear of any moisture. 

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