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Festoon Lighting Kits – 1000mm Spacing – 10 Metre


Decorative lighting company’s 10 metre festoon lighting kit. This kit includes;
1 X 10 metre festoon belts – One metre socket spacing (10 sockets in total)
10 X 24 Volt 45mm festoon bulbs – Select either; clear, frosted, filament
1 x 20 watt LED transformer
1 X 3 metre festoon extension – included for your convenience
1 X Festoon adaptor 




Material: Sheathed Round rubber cable with 2 ply copper strand core
Cable colour: Black
IP Rating: IP65
Configurations:  A. One X 10 metre with 10 sockets and end to end connectors.
Socket type: ES27 female type with seal gland to bulb
Bulb: Standard AC/DC type rated 1.5 to 2 watt output extra low voltage type with shatterproof plastic cap.
Bulb colour temperature: 2700K
Bulb finish: Clear, frosted, filament (select using drop down)
Power Source: 240v ~ 24vdc output (wattage various dependent on belt length)
Voltage:  24 volts
Certified: CE, ROHS
Uses: Indoor or Outdoor

This kit features everything you need to get your festoon system activated. The power supply included in this kit features a standard AU plug and converts 240 volts to 24 volts making this system safe for everyday installation (no tools or sparky required). This system is rated at extra low voltage, so there wont be any surprises on your next power bill if you keep this system running daily. We recommend using zip ties to string your set up and the use of a catenary support system to hold up your festoon lighting system.

Each kit also includes a festoon use guide, this guide has all troubleshooting information, installation advice, a break down of components as well as tips on how to get the most life out of your system. Decorative Lighting Company also offers over the phone / email support for any questions relating to your set.

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