Coloured Festoon bulbs – 60mm 24V bulb


Refresh your nighttime lighting & create a sensation

Suitable for our festoon lighting system. Powered by 24 volts for safe everyday use with any lighting project, commercial application, event, trade quality. This part does not include a transformer, find our 24 volt transformers on our online shop, or get in touch if you are unsure

All festoon bulbs and supplied accessories come with a limited one year warranty.




Description: 60mm 24 Volt festoon bulb featuring ES27 socket 
 Polycarbonate bulb with a aluminum ES thread
IP Rating: IP44
Configurations: Features ES27 fitting for festoon cabling or droppers
Socket type: ES27 female type with seal gland to bulb
Bulb: Standard AC/DC type rated 1.5 watt output extra low voltage type with shatterproof plastic cap.
Bulb colour temperature: Select your colour
Bulb finish: Coloured frosted light bulb
Power Source: Strictly 24 volts
Voltage:  24 volts
Certified: CE, ROHS
Uses: Indoor or Outdoor

This part requires festoon cabling and a 24 volt transformer to run, explore our online shop for festoon bulbs or contact our team via phone or email if you are unsure.

ON request we can give you our festoon use guide, this guide has all troubleshooting information, installation advice, a break down of components as well as tips on how to get the most life out of your system. Decorative Lighting Company also offers over the phone / email support for any questions relating to your set.

Features of our festoon lighting system:

1. Economical Energy Saving: 24 volt lighting system. Our festoon lights will decorate your yard and use less electricity at the same time. Our LED light bulbs have a longer lifespan.
2. Safe for home use: 2 ply copper strand core inside rubber cabling to prevent the LED string lights from losing connection after long time usage. No sparky required, our system is low voltage and suitable for 16+ years to install.
3. Waterproof and Easy Installation: IP44 rating  for outdoor performance ensures the festoon can withstand rain and damp climates. Leave this set outdoors, our festoon lighting systems rubber cable come with natural UV resilience.
4. Dimmable: Control the mood by adjusting the brightness of your lighting arrangement, this part is an optional add on that does not come included with this part.
5. Widely Used: Festoon is trending at the moment and is very easy to install with a cable ties or hooks, with every kit we offer a user guide for you to find out the best use for our festoon lighting system.  Our wide range is suitable for Indoor, Outdoor, decks, garden spaces, camping, pergolas, gazebos, bring the vibe to your BBQ, market, wedding and party etc.

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