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Decolight (240V) 1.6 metre fairy lighting curtain



8 X 3 metre warm white fairy light sections – Connects together end-to-end
1 X LED power lead – Comes with a standard 240V plug
1 X Deco 3 metre extension – start your lighting at the right location
1 X Belt8 connector – Create a wall of lights by plugging in your fairy light strings

Decolight 3 metre connectable end2end light strings with 75mm LED spacing.

Become a lighting designer – bring your structures, garden and venues to life, creating wonderful memories and events using the best fairy lighting system available

“Bulletproof” system  – Thick rubber cabling, water tight connections with each LED encapsulated in an acrylic bud

Creative & Flexible – The systems unique end2end connections, create a multitude of lighting outcomes with the same system.

Unforgettable night-time experiences – Improve your landscape with quality fairy lighting.

Exclusively the best quality commercial grade fairy light system in Australia; backed with a one year warranty




Description: Decolight 3 metre light strings with end to end connectors
LED Colour: Warm white 2700k or Pure white 6000K
Material : Rubber sheathed cable inner core copper strands
Cable colour : Black or White
IP Rating : IP65 certified
Power Source : 240V invertor power lead
Voltage:  240 Volt DC input with 2 watt output per light string
Configuration: 3 metre light string with 40 diodes at 75mm spacing
Certified : CE,ROHS,SAA
Uses : inside and outside use

What is Decolight? – The best quality fairy lighting for events & décor professionals

  • Deco-light system is an exclusive product of our company
  • 240volt indoor/outdoor commercial grade LED fairy light strings
  • Deco-light strings are AS/NZ 60598.2.20 electrical certified
  • 3 metre light strings connectable up to 100 metres from one power lead
  • Deco-light end to end system for easy handling and installation
  • The light strings cabling is rubber with UV protection
  • The LED’s encapsulated in acrylic for extra durability
  • Entire kit Rated at a minimum of IP44 for outdoor use
  • One year guarantee on light set

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