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Colour changing floating 300mm solar ball with remote



Colour controllable – RGB colour choices using a remote. Set your solar ball to a specific colour or have it range through colours using the various mode settings.

Outdoor quality – The solar floating ball is designed for year-round outdoor operation. It may either be operated floating on a water surface or standing on the ground.

Crafty design – Our solar balls are weighted at the bottom part of the ball which prevents any overturning in the wind on the water surface.

Powered by the sun – The solar ball can illuminate for up to 8 hours if it receives a full day of sunlight.

Automatically turns on at nighttime – the system features a daylight sensor, as long as the ball is set on the ON setting, it will turn on when it becomes night time and turns of during day time.



LED type: RGB
Colours: Red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, light blue, white (6000K)
Luminous intensity:  5 lumens
Outdoor integrity: IP 66
Temperature range:-10°C to +40°C  (frost-free when used floating!)
Power ON time when fully charged: Eight hours
Battery: NiMh 1.2 V/ 1300 mAh (Micro/ AA)

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