5M Hanging string light section (1000/2000mm)


Deco-light 24V fairy light strings  5 metre connectable end2end hanging string light sections with warm white LEDs
•The distance between drops is 50cm, total 10 drops
•Drop length: 100cm / 200cm (alternating)

Compliment your party – bring your structures and venues to life, creating a wonderful movement of lighting with white cabling options to compliment structures with lighter colour tones.

Unforgettable night-time experiences – Improve your event with quality fairy lighting to give your space a starry sky effect

“Bulletproof” system  – Thick rubber cabling, water tight connections with each LED encapsulated in an acrylic bud

Creative & Flexible – The systems unique end2end connections, create a multitude of lighting outcomes with the same system.

Exclusively the best quality commercial grade fairy light system in Australia; backed with a one year warranty.




24 Volt 5 metre hanging string light sections:
Description: 5 metre connectable hanging “vine” light
Material : Rubber cable inner core copper strands
Cable colour : Black
Total LEDs: 150 LED’s
Cable length: 5000mm
Spacing between each drop: 500mm
Drop length: 1000mm / 2000mm (alternating)
1000mm drops: 10 x LED on the 50cm drops
2000mm drops:
20 x LED diode on the 100cm drops
IP Rating : IP65 certified
LED colour: Warm white (steady brightness)
Colour temperature: 2700K
Power Source : 240V ~ 24VDC Driver
Voltage:  24 Volt DC input with 11 watt output per light string
Configuration: 150 diodes /10 drops / 1000mm/2000mm drops
Certified : CE,ROHS,SAA
Power Source: Requires 24 volt transformer
Uses: inside and outside use

This part requires a 24 volt transformer to run, explore our online shop for a power supply and/or accessories  or contact our team via phone or email if you are unsure.

How does it work? 

Hanging LED light strings that plug end-to-end to create longer lengths: the light system and transformers are manufactured for permanent outdoor use.

The light strings require a 24volt transformer to power the LED. We stock 24-volt transformers suitable for any light project; we have small for powering a few metres through to transformers that power substantial city wide projects.

Using the systems unique end2end connection and handling one small piece at a time when installing the lights strings allows creativity and flexibility of application; complementing the system is several different accessories such as multi-plug lighting belts, splitters and extension lead.

This system is extremely durable and used extensively by the hire and event industry throughout Australasia as well as Shopping centres, busy main streets and private properties.

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