600 watt LED power supply in IP55 enclosure (24V)


Great quality 24 volt 600 watt LED power supply
Locally distributed and quality guaranteed 

SAA and RCM tick approved LED driver
IP55 strong outdoor integrity
Includes 24 volt decolight tails for immediate use
One year warranty


600 watt power supply in IP55 enclosure. This item includes 24 Volt tails that can be connected into our fairy light, festoon light and flood light system. This is the our largest power supply and best use is for those who want to power multiple arrangements from a single power supply.

We custom make these and can fit 1-4 tails from the power supply if you want a custom 600 watt power supply get in touch with us, otherwise we will offer 2 tails as default.

Technical information regarding this product is available upon request.

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