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Outdoor professional 7 Colour Flood light kit – 5 X Large Flood Lights


The Outdoor professional kit is perfect for big impact exterior lighting. This system is exceptional and washes colour on large sculptures / trees / structures, with a directional beam (60 degrees or 120 degrees – select at drop down)

The Outdoor professional kit. This kit includes;

5 X 54 watt flood lights – Select either our diode (60°) or cob type (120°)
1 X 288 colour controller – includes a remote controller
1 x 300 watt LED transformer – Full outdoor use rated at IP67
5 X 3 metre 4-pin extensions – Link up your lighting in one run
5 X Ground spikes – Secure your lighting with ease




Our largest flood light set or select from diode or cob style LED

Colour changing functionality is 7 Colour (RGB)

Material: cast allow body with PVC Sheath cabling with resin sealed Diodes under a glass face sealed to Black body enclosure

Cable colour: Black

Colour ways achievable in RGB: Red, green, blue, white (6000K), yellow, pink, light blue. Ability to hold on colour, or fade through colours using functions

Connectivity: male input / output with screw together seal lock tight nuts and end seal cap

IP Rating: IP65 Certified for indoor or outdoor use

Voltage: 24 volt DC

Wattage: 54 watts per flood light

Configurations: Diode type RGB colour ways Blue

Beam angle: Diode Type 60 degree / or 120 Cob type (select using the drop down)

Certified:  CE, ROHS

RGB Colour controller: RGB Type 24 volt input 12 mode controller 288 watt 4 PIN output for signal and power capability / rated IP44

Each kit features everything you need to get your flood light kit going. The flood lights in this kit are for Huge arrangements.

The system features a daisy chain style connection so you can link all your lights in one sequence.

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