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5 x 15 watt colour changing garden lighting kit


Stylize your garden today with this kit that includes;
5 X 15 watt colour changing flood lights – 60 degree light output
1 X 288 colour controller – includes a remote controller
1 x 100 watt LED transformer – Full outdoor use rated at IP67
5 X 3 metre 4-pin extensions – Link up your lighting in one run
5 X Garden prongs – Secure your lighting with ease



Landscape set or Garden set with colour change features

Material: cast Aluminum body with PVC Sheath cabling with resin sealed Diodes under a glass face sealed to Black body enclosure

Cable colour: Black

Colour ways achievable: Red, green, blue, white (6000K), yellow, pink, light blue. Ability to hold on colour, or fade through colours using functions

Connectivity: male input / output with screw together seal lock tight nuts and end seal cap

IP Rating: IP65 Certified for indoor or outdoor use

Voltage: 24 volt DC

Wattage: 15 watts per flood light

Beam angle: Diode Type 60 degree

Certified:  CE, ROHS

Colour controller: RGB Type 24 volt input 12 mode controller 288 watt 4 PIN output for signal and power capability / rated IP44

This kit features everything you need to get your colour changing flood light kit going. The flood lights in this kit are for home gardens and small the medium sized plants and hedging.

The system features a daisy chain style connection so you can link all your lights in one sequence.

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