Decorative Lighting Company’s exclusive “Deco led light” system is an innovative concept in outdoor decorative lighting, commonly referred to as “Fairy LED lights”. Decorative lighting company has recognized the need for a commercial grade outdoor lighting system that suited Australasian extremes in weather and UV light exposure.

Domestic grade outdoor fairy lights are generally low voltage and designed for temporary applications. When you are looking for the level of ambient light required in a commercial application a 240v system is the only way to go says Tony Norrie, Decorative lighting company’s Managing Director.

Deco light is a durable commercial grade fairy lighting system designed for outdoor use. Deco light is compliant, safe and certified to AS/NZ 60598.1.20.2002 Deco light is rated & tested to IP44 (rainproof) Deco light has a 12 month guarantee against total string failure.

Decorative Lighting Companies’ “deco” “Fairy led light” system is designed for permanent “outdoor use”, using “LED diodes” for colour that are excellent for longevity and are extremely durabale. Rubber sheathed cable also ensures better uv protection of wires. The system is very versatile and can be constructed as a “curtain light”, or continuous string of lights.

The power draw is very low and so, as many as 67 x 3 metre pieces of light can be run from one power outlet. The strings are certified and compliant to standard AS/NZ 4417.1 and have gained this approval through a Sydney Electrical Testing lab.”Fairy lighting” can be used as a decor enhancer or a simple lighting effect to living trees, building canopies or gardens. “Fairy led lights” add that extra fun element to festive occasions and will enhance main street plantings or special event decoration.

“Wedding light ideas” can be created with “fairy led lights” and are great used behind the “bridal table” or “wedding cake table”. Deco fairy led used for “Tree lights” is simple to use as each light strand is 3 metres long and screws into the next section or can be screwed into a split connector and so enables tree branches to be profiled easily with lights. A wrap and tape method of light string attachment means less stress to living trees.

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