Offering a dynamic solution on garden lighting for your landscape

Garden Lights

Decorative Lighting Company offers a dynamic solution on garden lighting for your landscape. Lighting fixtures are built to a high quality and come in either powder coated or stainless finish for fulltime outdoor use. In addition, Decorative Lighting Company’s garden lights feature our signature ‘simple screw together’ connectability which allows for quick daisy chains of multiple units and stunning results whoever is installing them.

If colour is important then our garden lights are available as solid colours or colour changing with a remote control.

Dependant on application and size of landscape our garden lights are available in 10, 15, 54 and 86 watts. Consult our knowledgeable team to be guided to the best option for your project.

Garden Lighting

All our garden light systems are low voltage and made out of high quality components. Extension leads can be run on surface or buried in garden beds. Light fittings and cables are designed for permanent outdoor use.
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