Our LED lighting systems are heavy duty and built for rough handling.

We supply commercial grade floodlights and wash lights

Decorative Lighting Company lighting systems all share the same connectable principle. Using one power outlet, Our floodlights, big or small, can be ‘daisy-chained’ to create dynamic lighting arrangements

Sizing of lighting

Our floodlights come in various sizes, starting at 10 Watt and ranging up to 86 watt. Depending on what you want to illuminate will govern the size of your light fitting, the floodlights are rated at IP65 for permanent outdoor applications.

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10–15 watt floodlights

  • Home gardens
  • Pathway lighting

15-30 watt floodlights

  • Garden & Landscape lighting
  • Illuminating features

50-86 watt floodlights

  • High output lighting design
  • Illuminating large features/structures
We also have a wide beam and directional beam floodlights designed for different illumination types.

Directional 60° Beam of light

  • Directional LEDs serve as a spotlight
  • Great for highlighting features
  • More extended light range, suited for tall trees or structures

Wash light 120° Beam of light

  • Widespread design to widen the light beam
  • Great for covering an area in colour or light
  • The wider light beam is best for garden beds, hedging and structures.

Colour changing technology.

Our colour changing flood lights are either 3-in-one RGB styled LED’s or 4-in-one RGBW LED’s to achieve a broad spectrum of colours. Colour changing lighting offers the functionality of setting your lighting to a static colour or through a range of colour changing transitions what better way for setting the mood.

We have static colour options (one colour), RGB floodlights (7 colours) or RGBW (21 colours).

Control your system at the press of a button

Lighting requires an on/off switch, which is the basis of control. In terms of lighting technology, there are various controller options. Our preferred colour controllers operate using radio frequency (point and click).

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Our experience has taught us that radiofrequency controllers have fewer faults and are the most cost-effective controller option. We also sell Wi-Fi controller operated systems, some that are supported by applications as this technology is becoming common in the market. We like to make our systems control user-friendly if you have a particular project, get in touch with your requirement, and we may be able to help you. Most of our systems only need to be turned on and off from the wall, Our systems great, and the uses are endless. Contact us if you want to find out more.

Lighting up your world

  • We can ship same day Australia Wide
  • 12-Month Warranty on all products supplied
  • Bank secure grade payments online, or call the team directly

We offer a 12 Month Guarantee

We back all our lighting products with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase, terms and conditions may apply.

Durable lighting systems

Our cabling and lighting systems feature UV resistance properties for permanent outdoor use.

Certified Tested Systems

Our lights are certified and compliant to AS/NZ 60598.2

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