Project Type: Venue lighting installation

Project Title: Fisherman’s Tavern

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Short description:

Multicolour festoon installation on the building exterior, warm white festoon installed in the dining area and blue fairy lighting installed on the underside of the restaurant..

Project Description:

An awesome combination of lighting designs at another Iconic Gold Coast restaurant. Multi coloured Festoon lighting attached to the exterior of the building in a marina environment has a great daytime and night time appeal.
To give the illusion that the building is floating we also installed blue fairy lighting on the underside of the restaurant structure to create a blue hue on the underside of the building. An amazing lighting enhancement for a waterside venue, and another example that quality lighting can work even in marine environments. Inside of the restaurant in the dining area we installed classic warm white festoon bulbs which looks great for all types of dining.

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