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Festoon Lights

Decorative Lighting Company Festoon system is the best on the market.

Decorative Lighting Company supply festoon lights that are safe 24 Volt, robust commercial quality and event grade. Festoon belts come in either 1M or 500mm bulb spacings with screw together connectable belts lengths at 5, 10 and/or 25M lengths. We have an extensive range of LED bulb options which are shatterproof, dimmable and replaceable. In addition, we offer a great selection of accessories like blank extension lead, bulb droppers, splitter belts and dimmer units.

Festoon lights have become an increasingly popular lighting solution for backyard parties, outdoor corporate events and other high-profile festivals throughout Sydney and surrounding areas. While possessing a comparable appearance to fairy lights, festoon lights are instead outfitted with ordinary sized light bulbs. They feature the same enchanting allure and magnetism of lighting fixtures from years gone by, while being efficient and inexpensive to run, totally safe for all occasions and demanding next to no upkeep.

100% safe in all weather conditions

Festoon lighting adds glitz and sparkle to whichever space they are applied to and how and where you choose to display your Sydney festoon lights is limited only by your sense of ingenuity and imagination. As such a versatile lighting option, the possibilities are practically endless. They can beautify outside areas of coffee shops, cafes, food festivals, restaurants and snack bars, or utilised to add a touch of radiance and intrigue to suburban get togethers or even lavish wedding receptions. While they look exceptional when used in commercial venues, festoon lighting works equally well for adding a touch of charm to any backyard feature, such as outdoor dining area, balcony, swimming pool, gazebo or similar.

Utilise festoon lighting to decorate outdoor pavilions and food vans, light up a pathway or set of steps at an commercial event or home party, wrap around garden plants and hedges for an ethereal effect, or drape from tree branches for a truly breathtaking look. With festoon lights able to extend to the length that their transformer permits, they’re the perfect answer to suburban or commercial application.

Versatile and durable, with bulbs available in a wide range of colours

When it comes to decide on which outdoor lighting solution is best for you, be mindful of the style of bulb and system wattage. If you’re after a lighting option that prevents the possibility of the bulbs shattering and contains zero safety dangers that are fundamental to high voltage products, then our range of 24 volt festoon lights are a very good choice. Our supply of 24V festoon bulbs utilise extra low voltage 24V transformers. Their shatterproof qualities and low voltage combines to make our festoon lights 100% safe to operate.

Our festoon lights are built to last, with an outdoor rating of IP44, which safeguards the lighting systems in standard Australian weather conditions. They also include a durable cabling as standard and the bulbs are available in a wide variety of different colours, making them even more versatile.

Regardless of what your lighting requirements are, the friendly team at Decorative Lighting Company can guide you on the festoon lighting solution that is best for you. Our festoon lights are guaranteed to add an element of admiration and amazement to your next big Sydney bash!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Power my Festoon Lighting System?

Our festoon lighting system is powered using a 24 volt transformer that features a standard 10 amp plug –as an example this is the same plug end you would use for a toaster or phone charger.

How do I set my Festoon Lighting System up?

Our festoon lighting system features connectable pieces that plug into each other to create your desired length. Each festoon lighting purchase from us, receives a free festoon use guide which has all the information you need to know to set up your own festoon lighting system. In short, we recommend the following quick tips: 

  1. line up your festoon lighting system along the ground at the location you wish to set it up overhead.
  2. Plug your 24 volt transformer into a plug outlet and connect your festoon lighting system to it.
  3. Screw in your festoon bulbs (globes) while it is on the ground, once the festoon bulb is lit, you do not need to over tighten the globes, once the globe is emitting light and is secure, move on to the next socket.
  4. Once all bulbs (globes) are in place you can then install your festoon lighting system overhead – we recommend the use of cable ties.

As a note with large festoon lighting system installations, make sure you use a support system to reduce any unnecessary strain on the electrical cabling – you can find more information on this in our festoon use guide which comes with every purchase from us.

What type of bulbs (globes) does my Festoon Lighting system use?

ES27 24Volt LED bulbs. Our LED bulbs are shatterproof and AC/DC thus they are also dimmable and we sell dimmers as a useful add-on

What voltage is Festoon lighting?

We only supply 24 Volt transformers and 24 Volt bulbs (globes), but our festoon lighting system can run on 240 volts. With the right expertise our system can be transitioned into a 240 volt system, please contact our team if you need more information on this at 07 5575 5070

Can I use my festoon lighting system outside?

Our festoon lighting system has an outdoor factor of IP44; this is defined as weather proof in standard Australian conditions.

How can I best contact a person to talk to about my festoon lighting system?

We are a national supplier of premium quality festoon lighting systems and other lighting systems, Call us at 07 5575 5070 or email us at info@decolight.com.au

How safe is my festoon lighting system?

Our festoon lighting system is 24 volts which in electrical standards is deemed as extra low voltage. The risk of electrocution from our festoon lighting system is extremely unlikely – we stake our reputation on it.

Our festoon bulbs (globes) are shatterproof and will dent rather than shatter making it perfect for hospitality and areas with plenty of people.

Our festoon bulbs (globes) use modern LED technology which is low bearing on the environment and also poses no risk for personal use or big events.

Is my festoon lighting system waterproof?

Our festoon lighting system has an outdoor factor of IP44; this is defined as weather proof in standard Australian conditions.

Do I need an electrician to set up my festoon lighting system?

Our festoon lighting system is rated as extra low voltage (24 volts) and has no requirement for any tickets / certificates to undertake a personal installation. One of our friendly reps can offer you pointers on installation or complete an installation on your behalf (South-East Queensland only).

Contact our team for information on installing your festoon lighting system at 07 5575 5070

How long can my festoon lighting system extend?

Our festoon lighting system can extend as far as your transformer allows, the festoon use guide with your festoon purchase will indicate how much distance/metres of festoon it will power. If you are unsure, contact our team at 07 5575 5070

What is the warranty on my festoon lighting system?

Our festoon lighting system has a limited one year warranty – we can offer more information regarding our warranty terms on request at 07 5575 5070 or info@decolight.com.au

My festoon lighting system isn’t working, what can I do?

Download our DIY troubleshooting Festoon lighting table here or contact us at 07 5575 5070 or email us at info@decolight.com.au