Fairy LED lights work equally well indoor or outdoor.

Fairy Lights

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With their spellbinding beauty and wondrous charm, fairy lights are able to effortlessly convert dull and uninspiring spaces into truly magical landscapes that evoke awe and enchantment. Lightweight, durable and completely waterproof, how and where you choose to hang your Melbourne fairy lights, is limited only by your sense of creativity and imagination. Use them at children’s backyard parties to create stunning fairy tale settings by draping them from tree branches, wrapping them around plant life, using them to outline the boundary of a swimming pool, highlight an entranceway, radiate a footpath and more.

Of course, fairy lights aren’t just a fabulous addition to children’s parties either, adults can use them to add flare and excitement to their own festivities. Beyond residential applications, fairy lighting systems have become hugely popular with the commercial and retail sectors. Shopping centres use them to construct grand entrances to their premises, while restaurants and other retail stores use them to add an instant element of magnetism and allure to their establishments.

Another increasingly popular use for fairy lights is at weddings; both for ceremonies and receptions. Adorn decorative drapes with fairy string lights, hang them from ceilings, wrap them around trees, or create entire walls of string lights for a truly ethereal effect. Once considered only a popular item during Christmas time, fairy lights are now used all year around.

Fairy Lights LED

Decorative Lighting Company’s range of LED fairy light systems have all been designed to satisfy the stringent AS/NZ 60598.2.2002 standards, are IP 44 rated (ensuring safe operability even in wet weather) and all systems carry a 12 month warranty.

The diodes in our fairy lights have similar characteristics to standard light bulbs, but unlike ordinary bulbs, they deliver superior luminescence, are encased in a layer of high quality acrylic which offers them strong protection against natural degradation. Each diode provides ~100,000 hours of operating time.

Our range of Melbourne fairy lights are available in 9 different colours, with the choice of black or white cabling. These cables are encased within a durable rubber exterior that gives them a high resistance to the detrimental effects of damaging UV radiation.

Our fairy lights utilise connectors that ensure quick and easy assembly and through the use of extension cables, it’s possible to create a length of string lighting that extends up to 200 metres long, from a single power point. All extension cables are 100% waterproof, so your lighting system will continue to glow brightly, even in the event that some miserable weather makes an appearance.

fairy lights melbourne
fairy lights melbourne
fairy lights melbourne

Decorative Lighting Company’s range of 24 volt LED fairy light products provide you with a virtually limitless number of creative ways to showcase these spectacular lighting ensembles. Our fairy lights are effortless to install, and with their low voltage, are completely safe to use in wet weather conditions. The IP 44 rating of our lighting systems not only guarantees protection from the elements, but ensures they have been built to withstand rigours of frequent use.

Our fairy lights require a 24 volt power supply or driver to operate. We have a range of different fairy light string sizes and heavy duty transformers available for purchase. All fairy light bulbs can be bought in the classic warm white and pure white colours, in addition to a selection of solid colours, including yellow, purple, green, red and blue. As well as our 24 volt LED lighting solutions, 240 volt variants can also be purchased.

If you’d like to find out more about our Melbourne fairy light systems, please contact our friendly team on 07 5575 5070 or email us directly at info@decolight.com.au for the latest options and solutions for all your residential, commercial or retail fairy lighting needs.

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