Classic festoon lights are back in style! Which is the big bulb styled lighting Refresh your night time lighting & create a sensation!

Our modern style has shatter-proof LED globes that can take a few knocks, unlike the glass bulb of old; our big bulb festoon LED globes are also dimmable.


The festoon lights belts are connectable end2end for easier installation and handling. The light system powered by a 24volt voltage, making the lighting suitable to use in public spaces.


We have a range of 24volt transformers to power the festoon lighting; we will recommend a suitable transformer to power longer lengths of festoon lighting.


Festoon lighting is sometimes called party lights, big bulb lights and circus tent lighting.

  • Warm white 2700k, 3000k, 2200k,6000k and coloured LED
  • Festoon bulbs – 45mm, 60mm LED bulbs in stock, clear or frosted PVC covers.
  • We also have vintage style LED bulbs in PVC or gold-tinted glass
  • 24volt powered for safe use with any lighting project, commercial application, event, trade quality.
  • All festoon light belts and supplied accessories come with a limited one year warranty.
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Big Bulb lighting is a popular design outcome interior and exterior. Using our festoon system is a great way to bring lighting to any space through modern décor. Zigzag them across the ceiling to dress up a room, patio or back yard. String them overhead outdoors to transform the ambience in any space. Illuminate a porch or dining area or create festive décor to your next event or occasion.

These big bulb lights are far more robust and excellent for commercial applications. Being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they are ideal for landscape lighting and hospitality fit-outs such as cafes, wineries, markets and festival tents. Perfect for dressing up any area for special occasions such as wedding lights where they are often seen sweeping across gazebos or other entertaining areas to outline the space. Outdoor string lights are so versatile… get creative as these belts can be used for center piece décor and have a great range of accessories.

Lighting up your world

  • We can ship same day Australia Wide
  • 12-Month Warranty on all products supplied
  • Bank secure grade payments online, or call the team directly

We offer a 12 Month Guarantee

We back all our lighting products with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase, terms and conditions may apply.

Safe and Durable Cabling

Good natural UV properties and is very durable

Certified Tested Systems

Our lights are certified and compliant to AS/NZ 60598.2

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Big Bulb lighting system is powered using a 24 volt transformer that features a standard 10 amp plug –as an example this is the same plug end you would use for a toaster or phone charger.

Our Big Bulb lighting system features connectable pieces that plug into each other to create your desired length. Each Big Bulb lighting purchase from us, receives a free Big Bulb lights use guide which has all the information you need to know to set up your own festoon lighting system. In short, we recommend the following quick tips:

  1. line up your Big Bulb lighting system along the ground at the location you wish to set it up overhead.
  2. Plug your 24 volt transformer into a plug outlet and connect your festoon lighting system to it.
  3. Screw in your big bulbs (globes) while it is on the ground, once the big bulb is lit, you do not need to over tighten the globes, once the globe is emitting light and is secure, move on to the next socket.
  4. Once all bulbs (globes) are in place you can then install your festoon lighting system overhead – we recommend the use of cable ties.

As a note with large bulb lighting system installations, make sure you use a support system to reduce any unnecessary strain on the electrical cabling – you can find more information on this in our big bulb use guide which comes with every purchase from us.

ES27 24Volt LED bulbs. Our LED bulbs are shatterproof and AC/DC thus they are also dimmable and we sell dimmers as a useful add-on

We only supply 24 Volt transformers and 24 Volt bulbs (globes), but our big bulb lighting system can run on 240 volts. With the right expertise our system can be transitioned into a 240 volt system, please contact our team if you need more information on this at 07 5575 5070

Our big bulb lighting system has an outdoor factor of IP44; this is defined as weather proof in standard Australian conditions.

We are a national supplier of premium quality big bulb lighting systems and other lighting systems, Call us at 07 5575 5070 or email us at

Our big bulb lighting system is 24 volts which in electrical standards is deemed as extra low voltage. The risk of electrocution from our big bulb lighting system is extremely unlikely – we stake our reputation on it.

Our big bulbs (globes) are shatterproof and will dent rather than shatter making it perfect for hospitality and areas with plenty of people.

Our big bulbs (globes) use modern LED technology which is low bearing on the environment and also poses no risk for personal use or big events.

Our big bulb lighting system has an outdoor factor of IP44; this is defined as weather proof in standard Australian conditions.

Our big bulb lighting system is rated as extra low voltage (24 volts) and has no requirement for any tickets / certificates to undertake a personal installation. One of our friendly reps can offer you pointers on installation or complete an installation on your behalf (South-East Queensland only).

Contact our team for information on installing your big bulb lighting system at 07 5575 5070

Our big bulb lighting system can extend as far as your transformer allows, the big bulb use guide with your big bulb purchase will indicate how much distance/metres of big bulb it will power. If you are unsure, contact our team at 07 5575 5070

Our big bulb lighting system has a limited one year warranty – we can offer more information regarding our warranty terms on request at 07 5575 5070 or

Download our DIY troubleshooting Big Bulb lighting table here or contact us at 07 5575 5070 or email us at

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